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It is known, that we can use the photovoltaic system when there is no electricity in the villa or also to sell the electricity. NOW, WE PROPOSE you a NEW SYSTEM to join the electric line from your house to the solar system:


Because of  the continuous increments of the electrical rate (31% in last 2 years without stop) and not only the Electrical Companies remembering to install the limitation for the power, also seeing that they are looking to increase the fixed term of power.


 On the other hand, the improvement in the photovoltaic technology, produced during the last years, in which the performances of the equipments have been increased (between 94 and 96 % of efficiency), at the time that they have lowered the prices for the production of the photovoltaic modules.


It is so the moment to think of PRODUCING and CONSUME the electric power that we consume, produced of autonomous, clean and ecological form, reducing the payment for the Kw. to the Electrical Company, it allows to support in addition the same current contract because the equipments complement the available power, with the photovoltaic system production, directly or from the batteries doing the regulation of the production (during the day) and the consumption (during the night).


The investment will be to produce between 50 % and 75 % of the average of the annual electric´s consumption of the house. The system has to be ready to afford the summer consume no more. The cost of the installation will be reduced when the capacity of production increases.


 This installation add the benefits: reduce your bill from the electric company, in case of a cut of the supply allows to support the fundamental electrical service, without having bad consequences, like are defrost food, cut off the service of heating, blockade of doors to access to the plot or garages, or cut off the main illumination´s systems. 


The installation does not have big costs of maintenance, only the cleanliness of glasses of the photovoltaic modules, in order to support his maximum efficiency.


The inverter - loader, manages the energy available and the demand of the house. The power will be preferably used to feed the main consumptions for the house and the surpluses will be accumulates in the batteries from where it complements the supply when the demand overcomes the photovoltaic production. If still the consumptions continue being superior to the photovoltaic instantaneous availability, it is when it connects the line of the Company.


In addition the inverter-loader can control two types of devices of consumption, the main ones (refrigerator, system of illumination, sockets, etc.) and the secondary ones (electrical thermos, washer, tumble dryer, air conditioning, etc.) so that when there is no availability of the Electrical line from the Company, it disconnects the secondary consumptions, to reserve the available power in batteries to feed only the qualified like indispensable.


             This  management of the energy, improves drastically the efficiency of the installation, because  most of the power is consumed directly in alternating current at the same time as the photovoltaic system generates it, without having the wastages that there supposes the process of load of batteries and the later conversion of direct current to alternates, besides the major permanence of the batteries, on having diminished the cycles of load - unload, which determine his useful life.


             To calculate the surface in the photovoltaic system there will be necessary to have in mind that  1Kwp of power of the photovoltaic field can produce in static position (without solar follower) and between Alicante and Valencia zone, approximately 3.75Kw/day in the annual average. The surface that occupies, in the format of modules made with polycrystalline cells comes to be 7.25 m ²/Kwp.


             To determine the location of the photovoltaic modules: will be necessary to communicate with them the technical place where will be the electronic equipments and batteries. These ones must communicate with the general electric box of distribution of the house. The distances between these three points should be as short as possible and then the cables could be as thin as possible, ready to attend the power without losing energy in the transport.


In any case, it is suitable that the design of the installation is realized by a competent technician, specialist in this type of facilities and executed by installers due qualified in facilities electrical and trained in the photovoltaic technology. Ask for our service and quotes:


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