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AEROTHERMY (heat pump systems)

To use the heat produced by nature there are two basic principles: aerothermic and geothermal sources. These two principles are used in heat pumps.


The aerothermy involves using a heat pump to capture energy from outside air. A hydraulic circuit feeding a heating / cooling floor heating, preferably by its inertia, or radiators or fan coil units, which prevent accumulation.

* This solution is easy to implement by not requiring a large
    installation space.
* It is very efficient with underfloor heating.

* Do not generate gas emissions.
* The house can be heated in winter and cool in summer
   system (reversible heat pumps).

* You must carefully choose the location of the
   heat pump, a place protected from the prevailing winds.

* Around the heat pump should be a space
   cleared for connections, installation and


Geothermal heat capture this in the ground, using vertical or horizontal sensors depending on the lay of the land:
In the horizontal capture, energy is extracted a network of sensors that are buried to a depth of between 80 and 120 cm. The earth is warming energy accumulated by the sun and the water flowing through this network of pipes carries energy to the heat pump, which then transforms into hot water for heating.

The vertical sensor is buried in a hole that can be 100 m deep. It captures the boundless energy that contains the ground and then this energy is used to heat the house.

Groundwater can also make the necessary energy supply and the heat pump provides a constant temperature to heat / cool the house.

* An efficient system that allows significant energy savings.
* It is very easy to create a comfort level in keeping with the season.
* When groundwater is not consumed is returned to its place of origin.
 * Is ecological system.

* The initial investment is high. However, often there are tax deductions that reduce
* The area of ​​land needed for horizontal capture is important, the order of twice the surface area
   to be heated.
* For a vertical system, you generally need to apply for a permit related administrative
   the protection of groundwater. Check with local authorities