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                 The evolution of the welfare state of the society in which we live, has been spectacular. especially in the second half of the twentieth century. Changing from using the horse-drawn cart (valid in the 19 centuries above), cars, aircraft and also to leisure travel to the International Space Station some flashy magnates...


             People is using energy because we need it in any area of our life, home, business or leisure, but with that increment makes exorbitant consumption from fossil fuels to nuclear, to have all the services that we demand today,  with corresponding impact to the environment.


             Environmental degradation has been growing together with technological developments, with significant alterations in the nature with the effect of climate change. Human intervention in the modification of the planet to obtain energy resources and improving quality of life, having reached a point where it is difficult to imagine a reversal of the daily demand services, but  how to obtain the energy needed to curb the rapid degradation we have imposed so far to the Earth?


             The upward trend of all energy sources, coupled with increasing consumption, seems to indicate that we reached the point where access to "buying power", will be increasingly difficult, expensive and restrictive. Whether the experience of the last 50 years has taught us that it is not appropriate under the dominion of the power of states with large energy resources and energy companies we serve them.


             Alternatively, we have the renewable energy,  is so, we must think about being our own energy producers, which is the only way of being able to secure access to energy for our daily services.


             A way to get power autonomously is through photovoltaic technology,  because of the improvement of the efficiency and the pay back is shorter now. About the electricity, no service in the life of a person that don ´t need it, from lighting to the future car, which we started to see some sketches through communication, cleaning, conditioning of premises, leisure activities. etc. It is essential therefore, to think about the future solution to this problem and not far away.      

             To make us more and more independent from using the electrical grid that serves us today, one way is to use light radiation that today and every day,  arrive to us plenty and free, with no polluting effect or residual in electricity production with minimum polluting effects on the development of the necessary materials at the facility. We should use all the improvement in the technology of this photovoltaic systems!